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 After living in Europe and Africa, Bennett Guo immigrated to the United States where he is a passionate real estate investor. He has also been instrumental in helping his international contacts through the process of becoming investors in US-based commercial real estate projects. By leveraging his contacts, he is superb at matching investment opportunities with foreign investors. Mr. Guo is fluent in both English and Mandarin.

Prior to aligning with Madison Bay, Mr. Guo established himself as an angel investor, focusing on the commercialization of new technologies. He has invested and co-founded start-ups across different industries including those related to health and clean technology.

During his time leading start-ups, Mr. Guo showed a talent for taking on new ventures with a creative and open-minded view, often methodologically breaking down large projects into achievable goals as a key to progress. Although he has now expanded his interests beyond day-to-day management, Mr. Guo retains financial control of these start-ups and continues in his role as their key advisor.